Suzuki Vitara Hybrid | Romford, Essex | Romford Suzuki


  • 2020 model Vitara with Hybrid Technology – on sale now.
  • Up to 20 per cent lower CO2 emissions than before at just 104g/km for 2WD models (NEDC regulation) and 15 per cent improvement in overall fuel consumption (WLTP regulation).
  • Suzuki currently the only brand offering 4-wheel Drive on every model in its range (ALLGRIP available on Ignis, Swift, Jimny, Vitara and S-Cross).
  • ALLGRIP ‘Select’ four wheel drive available as optional equipment on Vitara SZ5 model.
  • 2020 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Suzuki 4x4.
  • Three grade Hybrid line-up of SZ4, SZ-T and SZ5 models.
  • Introduction of new 1.4-litre K14D turbocharged petrol engine with Suzuki’s Boosterjet technology now offers a greater and wider spread of torque available from 2,000rpm.
  • Higher level of standard safety specification fitted as standard to all Vitara models include Dual Sensor Brake Support, Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Traffic Sign Recognition and Adaptive Cruise Control.
  • Seven airbags including Drivers Knee Airbag fitted as standard on all Vitara models.
  • Bluetooth and climate control fitted as standard on all models.
  • Smartphone link audio and navigation fitted as standard on SZ-T and SZ5 grades.

Exterior design
The Vitara expresses Suzuki’s SUV styling heritage in a strong looking design. The clamshell bonnet (a hallmark of Vitara models) gives the front end a look of solidity, and a trapezoid motif front bumper indicates powerful grip on the ground. Pronounced body side character lines and bonnet side louvres form motifs are reminiscent of the first generation Vitara from 1988.

Suzuki’s pursuit of good aerodynamics is reflected in optimally designed bumpers, in a roof line that slopes smoothly downward toward the rear, in flat underbody surfaces, and in specially shaped side mirrors based on the results of airflow analysis. New LED design headlamps have now been incorporated across the range for the 2020 Hybrid model. This follows on from modifications in 2019 which included a new, more elegant front face with redesigned grille, lower bumper and redesigned rear lamps with a distinctive LED display..

48V Hybrid Technology.
The newly developed 48V Hybrid Powertrain for Vitara remains very lightweight in design and its components add less than 15kg to the overall weight of the vehicle.

The new and higher-powered Suzuki system consists of a 48V lithium-ion battery, Integrated Starter Generator (known as ISG) and 48V-12V (DC/DC) converter to power components requiring lower voltage including lights, audio and air conditioning. The ISG acts as both a generator and starter motor, is belt driven and assists the petrol engine during vehicle take off for a higher level of torque with 235Nm available from 2,000rpm and up to 3,000rpm.

The compact and high-performance lithium-ion battery stores electrical energy recovered from deceleration and braking and incorporates an idle stop function operated via the Integrated Starter Generator. This battery, as well as the DC/DC convertor unit, are located under the front seats to assist overall weight distribution.

Specification Highlights

Dual Sensor Brake Support (DSBS)
The advanced forward detection system fitted as standard on all Vitara models supports numerous safety technologies of which collision-mitigating Dual Sensor Brake Support (DSBS) is included. With DSBS, at vehicle speeds from approximately 3mph to 62mph, if the system determines a risk of collision with a forward obstacle, it issues both an audio and visual warning. If there is a high risk of collision with a forward obstacle and the driver panic brakes, the system deploys brake assist, increasing braking force. If the risk of a collision increases even more, the system applies full automatic braking in an effort to avoid the collision or reduce damage.

Adaptive Cruise Control
This system is fitted as standard equipment on all Vitara models. When there is a vehicle in front, the adaptive cruise control system uses millimetre-wave radar to gauge the distance to it and automatically maintains vehicle-to-vehicle distance in line with the setting selected out of three possible settings. When there is no vehicle in front, the system maintains the speed from 25mph to 100mph (where permitted) as input by the driver.

Blind Spot Monitor
Lane changing at speeds above 10mph is now made safer with the addition of the Blind Spot Monitor function. The system has two rear mounted side radar sensors that are capable of detecting vehicles located in or approaching the rear blind spots on either side of the vehicle. Once detected, a warning LED icon is illuminated in the relevant exterior mirror. If the driver ignores it and indicates to change lanes, a flashing LED icon is accompanied by a warning sound alert.

Lane Departure Warning / Lane Departure Prevention function
When the vehicle is travelling at vehicle speeds of approximately 37mph and up to 100mph (where permitted) and is departing the lane without the driver using a turn signal, the system vibrates the steering wheel and lights a warning indicator in the instrument cluster to draw attention to lane departures caused by factors such as inattention to the road. As an additional feature on all models, the driver will also notice an automatic input from the steering wheel at this time to ensure the car remains in its correct direction of travel.

Vehicle Sway Warning
When the vehicle is traveling at vehicle speeds of approximately 37mph or above and is weaving from side to side within a lane, the system sounds a warning buzzer and lights an indicator on the instrument panel. This quickly draws the driver’s attention to weaving caused by drowsiness or other factors.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert
At speeds of up to 5mph whilst in reverse, all Vitara models use two rear mounted radar sensors to alert the driver of approaching vehicles on either side when reversing out of car parking spaces. If a vehicle is detected, the driver is given both a visual alert and a warning sound alert. This assists the driver to manouevre more safely out of parking spaces where vision may be obscured.

Advanced Multi-information display
The 2020 model Vitara range utilises a unique 4.2 inch high-definition colour LCD display that shows a range of information including engine output and torque data, fuel consumption, average speed, acceleration and brake operation as well as driving G-force tracking.

Traffic Sign Recognition

This feature forms part of the specification of all models as standard and monitors the road ahead. When it detects signs such as speed limits, it displays the sign on the centre display and up to three can be displayed at any one time.