Fixed Price Service | Romford, Essex | Romford Suzuki


At Romford Suzuki we make servicing your car affordable after the warranty period has expired. Routine servicing not only keeps your car running properly but it enhances its future value.

Total price including parts, labour and VAT £129.95

Fixed Price Service

  • Check for outstanding reworks and campaigns
  • Fit protection kit (seat cover, floor mat)
  • Check and adjust washer fluid level
  • Check brake fluid level and condition
  • Inspect auxiliary drive belts
  • Check power assisted fluid level (if applicable)
  • Check coolant / Antifreeze level and condition
  • Check and adjust clutch cable
  • Check seatbelt operation and security
  • Check for any damage to bodywork including windscreen
  • Check operation of lights and horn
  • Check for operation of wipers and washers, check wiper condition
  • Inspect and lubricate latches, locks and hinges
  • Check puncture repair kit is complete and inspect expiry date
  • Replace engine oil and change oil filter
  • Fit new sump plug washer
  • Check gearbox and diff oil level (check plugs only)
  • Check fuel lines, brake pipes, exhaust condition
  • Check front and rear suspension/drivetrain
  • Inspect wheels and check wheel nut torque
  • Check tyres and adjust tyre pressure. Record depths
  • Visually inspect brakes
  • Check and adjust handbrake
  • Re-Set service indicator (as applicable)
  • Road test (performance, noise, gear change etc)

For a complete service package we also offer (click link below);

Fixed Price Service Plus £259.95